Pencil Magic with Stencils

Marie Browning's Zero Drawing Technique from her book Pencil Magic is an amazing way to use your stencils for a fun and different kind of project.
  • Rub a graphite pencil on an emery board or small piece of sandpaper catching the bits of graphite on a clean surface.
  • Lift graphite dust with a sponge dauber and rub it all over a piece of pre-cut cardstock.
  • Place a large opening stencil on the cardstock panel and hold in place with a magnetic sheet underneath the paper.
  • Use a kneadable eraser to remove the graphite from within the large shape.
  • Use other stencils and smaller erasers for even more detail.
  • Sten-tangle inside your erased shapes with pencil or pen to add patterns to the project.
  • Try your own ideas for fun adaptations.