Metallic FX on Black Stencil Paste

MetallicFX Mica Powders are a gorgeous way to get lots of pearly, glorious color. They are particularly striking on dark surfaces such as Black Embossing Paste.

Here's How:
  • Paste your stencil image with Glossy or Matte Black Embossing Paste and allow to dry completely.
  • Replace the clean, dry stencil back over the image.
  • Use a sponge dauber to apply glue from a glue pad to the entire image or just a part of it.
  • Use a small stencil brush to apply MetallicFX mica powder to the glue.
  • Heat to activate the glue if using the Palette Glue Pad.

Alternate Method:
  • You can apply the MetallicFX to the WET embossing paste by using a cotton swab to pick up the MetallicFX then tap it gently to let it fall on the wet paste.