Spinner Cards

Spinner cards are fun, interactive cards that cause an image to spin quickly when the card is opened.
Our Mirror Stamping Plate together with our WindowRama Die Set are perfect for creating easy spinner cards.
These cards fold flat to fit in a standard A2 envelope.

1) Cut an 8-1/2" X 11" panel of cardstock in half to form two 4-1/4" X 11" panels.
2) Score one panels in the center and fold in half.
3) Score the second panel in the center only at the edges to mark the middle.
4) Score the second panel at 3-1/8" from each end and fold in the opposite direction of the center fold.  (we used 3-1/2" for bigger images) This panel will now have one mountain fold in the center and two valley folds on the side when laid on the table. See picture below.

4) Die cut a circle opening centered over the moutain fold.
5) Create central image by stamping one image.
6) Cut out the image by stacking two panels of paper.
7) Turn the second cut out over. Stamp the image on the mirror stamping plate, then align the mirror plate over the blank cutout and stamp.
8) Cut 5" of sturdy thread or cord, adhere to one of center images with a glue dot, add glue to adhere central images back to back across middle of the fiber.
9) Secure fiber to inside of mountain folds so that central image is suspended in the opening. Use a glue dot at top and bottom of circle opening to secure thread.
10) Loop the thread and press into the glue dot. See diagram below. Cover with a small strip of cardstock as shown.

11) Decorate card and assemble by gluing end panels together leaving center area open.
12) Wind up central image several times and close the card. When you open the card, the image will spin. Be sure to wind it up before putting it in the envelope.
13) Card can stand on its own for display.

Monkey Spinner Card

Use this template for our Mini Clear stamps to make a smaller, 3-1/2" X 4-1/4" card.

Watch our video for more examples!