Perfectly Clear Stamps

Stampendous Perfectly Clear Stamps™

  • Perfectly Clear™ Stamps are used with our clear acrylic handles for easy inking and positioning.
  • Each set comes on a clear plastic carrier sheet with a printed index and a cover sheet to protect from dust, glitter, etc.
  • Peel the stamp design from the carrier carefully the first time, and place on the clear acrylic handle. The stamp will cling by itself without adhesives.
  • Clear stamps work best with light pressure for both inking and stamping.
  • Use more than one image on a handle if desired.
  • Clean stamps while still on the handle and replace onto the carrier.
  • Stamps sets can be stored in our Perfectly Clear™ Stamps Tote or in our Stuftainers™ Thin container.
Birthday Fun Perfectly Clear Stamps

Cleaning Perfectly Clear Stamps

Clean your stamps as you would your woodmounted stamps. Use any of the following:
  • stamp cleaners
  • baby wipes
  • soap and water
  • rubbing alcohol
  • Avoid acetone, bleach and oil-based cleaners, these will damage your stamps.
  • Use rubbing alcohol to clean acrylic handles.
  • Clean clear stamps while still on acrylic handle.
  • DO NOT clean your stamps in a sink.
    • Small parts can be easily lost down a drain and cannot be replaced.
    • If you want to use soap and water, clean your stamps in a small bowl.
wheels perfectly clear stamps

Creating Different Designs with the Elements in the Sets

Perfectly Clear™ Stamps are designed in interactive sets that allow the pieces to work together in a variety of ways.
  • Most sets include small elements that are intended to act as borders or backgrounds to complement the main images.
  • Each element can be inked separately, then positioned precisely with our clear acrylic handle. 
  • You can also combine several images on a block to create a larger image in one inking.
  • Alphabets provide numerous opportunities to create words for greetings, invitations, scrapbook page titles, etc.
    • When more than one of a specific letter is needed simply set up the word on the acrylic block.
    • Use the letter in its normal position the first time.
    • When you reach the place where the letter appears again, remove it from its previous location and move it to the new spot.
    • Stamp the word with the letter in its final postion.
    • Then, simply put that letter on a small block by itself and use the see-through positionability of Perfectly Clear™ Stamps to stamp it right in place as many times as necessary.

The Best Inks for Perfectly Clear Stamps

  • Most inks that you use for your wood mounted stamps can be used with Perfectly Clear™ Stamps.
  • Some inks will stain your stamps more than others.
    • Chalk inks like VersaMagic and Permanent inks like StazOn will stain more easily.
    • Staining does not harm the surface or the performance of clear stamps.
    • If you can stamp on a wet paper towel then on a dry one without leaving a mark, it is clean enough.
  • VersaFine™ is perfect for use on your clear stamps.
    • This ink provides a crisp, clean image with only a light pressure.
    • It also cleans off easily and almost stain free.
    • You can use VersaFine with watercolors, colored pencil, or many other coloring media.
  • VersaFine Clair™ is similar to VersaFine, perfect for your clear stamps, and formulated for extra fine linework.
  • You may need to clean your stamps before the first stamping.
    • Sometimes manufacturing residues can leave your stamps ink resistant.
    • A quick cleaning with rubbing alcohol and a soft cloth will remove residue.