Colored Pencil

Colored Pencil Basics

  • Achieve a pebbly look by coloring over something textured.
    • Art stores sell special paper for this purpose.
    • You can also use fabric or other materials.
  • It isn’t necessary however to color over texture to create something interesting. Colored pencil shading is an excellent way to create a great impression.
  • Contrast is key.
    • Add dark colors to shadows
    • Leave some areas blank as highlights.
    • You can get a darker shade by simply pressing harder and build up layers of color.
    • You can achieve a wide range of color with a few pencils by creating layers of color like orange or red over yellow.
    • Try using different pencil strokes to emphasize contours.
  • Colored Pencil on colored papers and kraft papers give a stunning look, particularly when white is included.
Santa Kraft Paper Colored Pencil

Pine Cabin Kraft Colored Pencil

Clara and Prince Mouse Kraft Paper