Watercoloring Stamped Images

There are several ways to “paint” your stamped impression:
  • Stamp your impression using an ink that is water resistant.
    • We recommend using Onyx Black Versafine ink.
    • Allow it to dry thoroughly.
  • To use water color pencils, start by applying a damp brush to the paper.
    • Use the brush to pick up color from the pencil tip itself,
    • Or scribble on scrap paper and then pick up colors from this “palette”.
    • Paint in your design using a damp brush only.
    • OR You can apply small areas of pencil to your "shadow" areas and blend them into your light areas with a water brush.
  • You can also use waterbased markers by scribbling color on a plastic lid or palette.
    • Lift marker color from palette with a damp brush and paint in your design.
  • Watercolor paints of all types provide a wonderful look.
    • Wet a small area with a brush and water.
    • Apply paint to your "shadow" areas and let it bleed into your hightlight areas.
  • An important facet of watercoloring is "white space"
    • Leave your lightest highlight areas as blank paper.
    • Remove color as needed with more water on the brush.
    • You may need to wait for it to dry between applications so as to not overwork the paper.
    • A removable "frisket" can be used to maintain white space and define highlights.

Fixing a Warped Card
  • If you select a watercolor weight paper, it is less likely to warp.
  • For other papers, use less water.
    • It is best to apply little water in the beginning.
    • Usually a damp brush is all you need.
  • If you get too much water on your card, dab it off with a paper towel right away.
  • If you still have warping, you can use an iron to dry and press your finished image layer between two clean blotter papers.
    • Unprinted kraft paper grocery bags will do.
    • Put your iron on a warm setting without steam.
  • Adding some water to the back of the card before starting can help prevent warping.
  • For a watercolor suitable for framing, try taping your paper to a board.
    • Apply strips of white artist’s tape evenly along all four sides.
    • Stamp and watercolor and allow it to dry completely before removing tape.
    • The white edge looks great and gives an area for matting.
    • A deckled edge piece is beautiful to mount on a dark background.