Molten Magic

Dreamweaver Stencils and Embossing Pastes are great for so many wonderful techniques. One of the most dramatic is the Molten Magic technique, and it's also one of the easiest.

1. Attach your stencil to your cardstock with removable tape, covering all four sides to protect the paper beyond the stencil.

Preparing the Stencil

2. Use the palette knife to apply paste to the paste spreader. Metallic pastes work well for this technique.

Paste on to Spreader

3. Use the paste spreader, with even pressure at a 45 degree angle, to spread paste into the entire stencil design. If you miss a small spot, you can go over it again, but try not to make more than two passes.

Spreading Paste

4. Remove your stencil from the project and place it in a tray of water for clean up. Also place the paste spreader and palette knife in the water. Do not let paste dry on your stencils or tools.

Lift StencilCleaning tools

5. Sprinkle the desired embossing powder(s) on the wet paste.

Add Embossing Powder

6. Heat with embossing heat tool until the powder and paste bubble into a pleasing look.

Heat Embossing Powder

Molten Magic Backgrounds

Pumpkins by Louise Healy

Molten Magic Butterfly by Louise Healy