Class A'Peel Stickers

How do you use Class A’Peel™ Stickers?

Class A’Peel™ Stickers are intricately cut stickers made from a durable, flexible material. Peel them off of the carrier sheet and apply to any clean, smooth surface, such as paper, glass, plastic, metal and ceramic. The use of a craft knife to lift and hold the stickers makes guiding them into position much easier. Press them firmly into place for a long-lasting hold. They have a pressure-activated adhesive. For great ideas and projects using Class A’Peel™ Stickers see the Projects section of this website. They are suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Sticker Background™ Technique

Combine our fabulous glitters with our exclusive Class A’Peel™ Stickers for a dynamic background that will wow the recipients of any project you create!
Sticker Background Technique
  1. Choose a cardstock color similar to the glitter color you wish to use.
  2. Cut a panel of our Stampendous Sticky Panels double-sided adhesive the same size as your cardstock.
  3. Peel off one side of the Sticky Panels carrier sheet and carefully apply the panel to your cardstock panel.
  4. Peel the other side and apply your Class A’Peel™ Stickers, die cut images, or other items such as ribbons, images, etc. directly to the adhesive sheet.
  5. Fill in the remaining areas around the stickers with Glitzy Glitter™, Micro Glitter, Color Fragments, Mica Fragments, etc. in coordinating shades. Rub each element firmly into adhesive sheet.
  6. Try leaving portions of the stickers hanging off the edges of your panel for an interesting effect. You can remove the stickiness on the back with talcum powder, or you can cut them off if desired.
  7. Try combining glitters and other elements for custom mixes or multiple areas of color.
  8. Use your completed panel as a background element or as the focal point of your project.
  9. Try using this technique on other surfaces like paper mache boxes.