Mixed Media

Stampendous has many products and stamp images perfect for Mixed Media Techniques.

International Mixed Media Artists
Andy Skinner
Nathalie Kalbach
have licensed images with Stampendous for creating wonderful Mixed Media Creations.

And Fran Seiford, Stampendous Owner, has created a number of mixed media stamp sets, stencils, and even the Creative Palette MonoPrinting Plate.

Some handy tips:
Use acrylic paints directly on your stamps!
  • Acrylic paints work beautifully on your rubber stamps.
  • Ink your stamp by loading a cosmetic sponge with paint to create a "stamp pad"
  • Unload the sponge on a palette or scrap paper until you can see the texture of the sponge.
  • Tap the sponge lightly on the rubber to ink thoroughly.
  • Press firmly on to your well-supported project.
  • Cling stamps work well because they can bend around oddly shaped surfaces.
Type Mixed Media into our site search at the top of our website to see projects and products that work well for this technique.

Practicing Mixed Media techniques in an art journal can be a relaxing and enlightening experience. Artist Nathalie Kalbach spends a little time with her journal every morning before beginning work. It gets her creative mojo flowing and often points her in a direction she wants to explore further in her art for the day.

Above is a great example using her NKCRS04 Fiesta stamp set with the included stencils.

Above you can see a great journal play featuring her NKCRS07 Fashion Dame Stamp Set.

Don't be afraid to mix media that you normally wouldn't think to use together. Fran has done a lot of creative things by mixing stamping, stenciling, and embossing powder techniques such as Deep Impression and Puddle Painting to create some gorgeous Mixed Media pieces!