Deep Impressions Embossing Technique

Deep Impressions is a terrific technique that produces a result much like old-fashioned sealing wax.
You can use a heat tool from underneath (or from far away, getting gradually closer) or you can use an electric griddle with a craft mat on top to keep a consistent heat source.
  1. Create an area for the magic to happen. You can smoosh a VersaMark pad on your paper, or use our dauber-top Boss Gloss embossing ink to create an area to hold the powder.
  2. Cover your wet ink with a generous layer of Deep Impressions Chunky Clear Embossing Enamel (or any other chunky embossing enamel)
  3. Ink your stamp with VersaMark or a colored pigment ink as desired. This will leave behind a bit of color and allow your stamp to release from the enamel. Metallic pigments work well for this.
  4. Heat the powder until it is molten then add another layer of enamel. Continue heating.
  5. When the powder becomes a liquid "pool" that you can move around with the heat tool, quickly press the stamp into the molten enamel.
  6. Allow it to cool for a few minutes, you can tell if it's ready by gently rocking the stamp.
  7. When it releases easily, lift your stamp, and enjoy your Deep Impression.
Note: You can use multiple colors of embossing enamels, you can use finer powders, you can do this on shaped "tiles" of chipboard to create dynamic pieces to attach to your artwork. You can drop glitters and fragments into the molten enamel for a blingy look. You can also remelt it and start over if you're not happy with the results. They are fragile, and they can crack, so treat them gently.

REMEMBER to pick up Fran's Book - Embossing Powder Techniques from A to Z for tons more that you can do with your embossing powders and enamels!

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