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Thank you for visiting us and checking out our projects, tips and techniques, and terrific products. When you visit our site (or any other site on the internet), Google.com collects certain information from your internet browser that makes the internet work properly, and lets us know: Stampendous cannot personally identify you as a specific visitor for any of these actions. This information is stored for 26 months on google.com's servers. For more information on the types of data Google collects online, how to see it, and how to delete it, visit their privacy policy  - Google Privacy Policy effective May 25, 2018

If you're just visiting us, and you don't "log in" to our site as a wholesale customer or checkout as a retail customer, the Stampendous website does not keep or track any data on you as a user.

If you opt-in to our email list on the front page of our website, your email address will be sent to Constant Contact, our email marketing application. The Constant Contact privacy statement is here - Constant Contact Privacy Statement. Your email address, with no other identifying information, is held in the Stampendous, password-protected account. We send occasional emails telling you about new products we are offering, about events we are attending, and about promotions and specials. If you ever want to stop receiving our emails there is always an easily identifiable link at the bottom of each one for you to unsubscribe. We do not send email to or store any data for email addresses that have unsubscribed.

At this time, ony residents of the United States and its Territories can complete retail purchases on the Stampendous website.
If you are purchasing as a retail customer from the United States on the Stampendous website, your checkout process, and the information you provide for that process, is handled by our order fulfillment processor KIBO. Their privacy policy can be found by clicking HERE.
By placing a retail order on our website, you are consenting explicitly to the collection of the personally identifying data used to fill your order. Such information may include your name, address, email, telephone number, fax number, company, Site user name, Site password, billing or credit card information, or other similar information. KIBO retains your information for no more than 7 years from your most recent interaction with the website.

The General Data Protection Regulation contains rules concerning the protection of natural persons when their personal data are processed and rules on the free movement of personal data, as stressed in Article 1(1) GDPR. Article 1(2) GDPR provides that the GDPR seeks to protect fundamental rights and freedoms of natural persons and, more specifically, their right to the protection of personal data. It means that, as such, the Regulation does not deal with the rights and freedoms of legal persons, such as companies.

Article 1(14) also states explicitly "The protection afforded by this Regulation should apply to natural persons, whatever their nationality or place of residence, in relation to the processing of their personal data. This Regulation does not cover the processing of personal data which concerns legal persons and in particular undertakings established as legal persons, including the name and the form of the legal person and the contact details of the legal person."

This means that if you are a company/store/legal entity purchasing from us, the information you give to us in order to do so is not covered under the GDPR. However, Stampendous still takes your right to privacy seriously. We will collect from you only the information needed to process and ship your orders to you. We store all of this information securely on our servers in the United States, and we do not share it with third parties. If your store is listed in our Store Locator, this information is available to anyone who visits our website. If you would like the information changed or removed, please email us at stamp@stampendous.com and we will comply within 30 days. Your email must be in English.

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