Stampendous Fitted Frames are designed especially to match the sizes of our wood mounted and cling rubber stamps to give you the ability to easily cut them out in a really fun shape. PLUS each one has at least one larger, perfectly concentric, layer die so you can layer them up.

How to read the chart:
Stampendous wood/cling stamps each have a letter that indicates their size.
The letter appears in the Item Number which can be found on the side of a wood stamp along with the name of the image and on a Cling Rubber stamp either on the packaging above the barcode or in very tiny letter somewhere in the image on the top.

On wood stamps the letter/size is indicated thus:
Item #                Size
R244                    R
HMR39        House-Mouse Designs® size R
PLV02          Pink Your Life size V

On cling stamps there is an added CR or C to indicate Cling Rubber

CRR244               R
HMCR39         House-Mouse Desings® Cling Rubber size R
PLCV02          Pink Your Life Cling Rubber  size V

The Fitted Frames are also wonderful for most of our CRS cling stamps sets and our Perfectly Clear Stamps as well. However these images do not follow our letter sizing method, so you'll need to test them with the appropriate Fitted Frames dies to find the best fit.

You can see the stamp size letters which correspond to each die here:Fitted Frames Size Match Chart
Feel free to drag this image off the page to your desktop if you'd like to keep a copy of it.