Project Example Wooden Beehive Plaques

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Images should be square.
The ideal size for viewing on our website is 800X800 pixels.
This will make the page print out at the right size.
Your project image will enlarge well enough to show detail.
We are happy to size your image for you.
Load a snapshot of your project, then email us your high-res image at
We will size it, and place it into your project.
If you have photo editing software, you can download our image template.
In your instructions, please include all the "colors" or "styles" of products you've used.
ex. Emboss with White Detail embossing powder.
ex. Add Champagne Glass Glitter to Aged Copper Embossing Enamel and heat from underneath.
In the Supplies area, please list the Stampendous Supplies first. Please list all supplies and tools used.
We're so excited to see what you've made! Thanks for sharing with us!
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