Witch Boots Metal Stencil by Laura Drahozal

1) The card base is 8 1/2" by 5 1/2" folded on the side.
2)  Tape the stencil onto black card stock, using a full strip of tape across the top which will be used as a hinge later.  Be sure to tape all the way around.
3)  Remove paste from the container with the palette knife and place on the bottom of the paste spreader.
4)  Place the paste spreader on the top of the stencil, with the paste facing you.
5)  Pull the spreader towards you, keeping contact with the stencil and filling in the wells with the embossing paste.
6)  Replace the excess paste into the container.
7)  Carefully remove the tape from the sides and bottom of the stencil.
8)  Using the top piece of tape as a hinge, carefully remove the stencil and let the paste dry.
9)  When the paste is dry, use the Versamarker Pen to color in one section that you want embossed.
10)  Cover with the embossing powder, flick off the excess, and heat emboss. Used Violet Opaque, Clear Emerald, Clear Sparkle Lime and Silver Tinsel
11)  Repeat steps 9-10 until you have colored all the sections that you want embossed. Heat to set.
12)  Place glue in one section at a time and cover with glitter until the white image is finished.
Used Micro Glitter in Purple, Lime, and Orange, Pearl Tigerlily Glitter, Royal Purple Glass Glitter
13)  Trim the mats.
14)  Add ribbon.
15)  Assemble the card.
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Also uses these supplies:

Removable Tape
Versamark Pen
My Colors Card Stock in Black, Harvest Orange, Grape Vine and White
Creative Impressions Ribbon 80263 3/8" Purple and Orange Gingham
White Glue
Zip Dry Glue
Manual Die Cut Machine
Embossing Heat Gun
Rubber Embossing Mat

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