Unicorn by Laura Drahozal

  1. Fold a piece of 6 3/8” by 9 ¼ ” card stock so that the fold is on the side.
  2. Tape the three stars stencil face up on the watercolor paper.   
  3. Press the Versamark Pad over the stencil. Pay special attention to the small holes.
  4. Remove the stencil.
  5. Cover the project with the jeweled gold embossing powder and shake it upside down several times to make sure that any excess powder is gone. The move texture you have, the more likely you are to have extra powder.
  6. Look at the top of the card before you heat it.  Use the brush to flick away any stray powder.
  7. Heat set the embossing powder.
  8. Use the Versamark Pen to do any touch ups that you feel necessary. Just color in the section, cover with powder and heat.
  9. Use the paintbrush and the watercolor to color the image.
  10. Pat excess watercolor off of the embossed areas with a damp paper towel.
  11. Trim the image.
  12. Stamp the expression in the corner with Stayzon.
  13. Use the Versamark Ink pad all over the back of the unicorn stencil to create a resist.
  14. Remove one side of the double sided mounting paper and place the unicorn stencil, inked side down, on the exposed adhesive.
  15. Use the Picasso Stencil to isolate the eye and place the black detail embossing powder in the area.
  16. Cover a section that you would like to be gold with the gold Minc foil. Place it shiny side up.  Use your embossing tool to emboss the foil into the section.  It is helpful to use some of the paper you removed as a shield to protect the rest of the project.
  17. Repeat step 16 with the blue and the teal.
  18. Pour a little of the Gold Micro Glitter on the stencil near the gold parts.  Rub the glitter directly into the gold section right over the foil.
  19. Repeat step 18 with the China Blue Micro Glitter and the blue and teal sections.
  20. Turn the stencil sideways, so that the glittered sections are facing at a diagonal down towards the table.
  21. Brush off some of the excess glitter.
  22. Cover the rest of the image with the Kaleidoscope Embossing Powder.
  23. Turn the project upside down and just lightly shake out the excess.
  24. Set the project upside down on a smooth flat surface and carefully pull off the mounting paper.
  25. Heat set the project, concentrating on the white body and the black eye.
  26. Cover the project with the Silver Micro Glitter and rub in.
  27. Trim the unicorn close to the image.
  28. Remove the backing behind the unicorn and press onto the background.
  29. Trim the image and assemble the card.
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Also uses these supplies:

  • MG02 Gold Micro Glitter
  • MG03 Silver Micro Glitter
  • MG09 China Blue Micro Glitter
  • MG18Black Micro Glitter
  • DP111 Detail Black Embossing Powder
  • DWMPDS Double Sided Mounting Paper
  • My Colors Cardstock by My Mind's Eye (Tropical Splash)
  • StazOn® Jet Black Ink Pad by Tsukineko®
  • Minc™ Foil by heidi swapp™ (Gold, Teal, Blue)
  • Watercolors
  • Watercolor Paper
  • Paintbrush
  • Paper Towel
  • 1/2" Removable Tape by 3M®
  • ZipDry™ Paper Glue by Beacon Adhesives

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