Stiletto by Laura Drahozal

  1. Fold a piece of 5 ½ ” by 8 ½ ” card stock so that the fold is on the side.
  2. Stamp some lilac mist card stock with the Shoes Galore Background, using Versamark Ink.
  3. Pour the Clear Lavender Embossing Powder over the top and shake of the excess.
  4. Heat Set.
  5. Use the manual die cut machine and the Fitted Frames dies to cut out two sizes of frames.
  6. Stamp the phrase in the smaller frame with the Versamark Ink.
  7. Cover with the Amethyst Embossing Powder and shake off the excess.
  8. Heat emboss.
  9. Glue the smaller frame onto the larger one.
  10. Trace just inside the smaller frame with glue.  Glitter with the micro silver.  Let dry.
  11. When the silver is dry, glitter the outer frame with the glass glitter.
  12. Use the Versamark Ink pad all over the back of the stiletto stencil to create a resist.
  13. Remove one side of the double sided mounting paper and place the stiletto stencil, inked side down, on the exposed adhesive.
  14. Use the Picasso Stencil to isolate the areas that you would like to glitter.  Place glitter in the various sections.  Remember that you are “painting” the image.  I used glass glitter on the heel.  If you are planning on using the glass glitter on the image, be sure to also add a little of the micro glitter to fill in the areas that do not completely fill, due to the large piece size of the glass.
  15. Brush off some of the excess glitter.
  16. Set the project upside down on a smooth flat surface and carefully pull off the mounting paper.
  17. Cover the project with the white pearl glitter and rub in.
  18. Remove the backing of the mounting paper and adhere the project to the white card stock.
  19. Trim the stiletto close to the image.
  20. Adhere the background to the card, layering with a plum mat.
  21. Use the foam squares to raise the shoe and the sentiment.
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Also uses these supplies:

  • EP519 Pacific Lavender Clear Embossing Powder
  • EP219 Amethyst PEARLustre™ Embossing Powder
  • MG15 Purple Micro Glitter
  • MG03 Silver Micro Glitter
  • GM262 Lavender Ultra Fine Glitter
  • FRG14 Royal Purple Glass Glitter
  • DWMPDS Double Sided Mounting Paper
  • My Colors Cardstock by My Mind's Eye (White Suede, Plum, Lilac Mist)
  • Big Shot™ by Sizzix®
  • ZipDry™ Paper Glue by Beacon Adhesives
  • Scrapbook Adhesives® 3D Foam Mounting Squares by 3L®

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