Shasta Flower Trio Picasso Technique by Louise Healy

NOTE: Be sure to clean Picasso Stencil when changing colors. Flower stencil can be wiped gently with a paper towel to keep ink from spreading to unwanted areas.
1. Tape stencil to cardstock using removable tape.
2. Use edges of Picasso to mask off flower areas as you use a small stencil brush to lightly apply green ink to the stem and leaf areas.

3. Reposition Picasso edges along centers of leaves and stencil darker green color along edge to create leaf veins and shading on lower leaves and stems.
create veins with picasso

4. Use holes in Picasso to stencil yellow flower centers without getting yellow on flower petals.
use picasso holes to mask

5. Use edges of Picasso to mask leaf/stem areas while using a small stencil brush to lightly apply lavender color to the flower petals.

6. Use edges of Picasso to add shading to petals of flowers.
Picasso shading on petals

7. Layer finished panel on slightly larger, folded purple card front.
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Also uses these supplies:

Green and Lavender inks from Memento by Tsukineko
Purple Cardstock
Removable Tape
Craft Mat

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