Open Fish Stencil Picasso Technique by Louise Healy

1. Use removable tape to adhere fish stencil to white panel of cardstock.
2. Trace around inside of stencil with fine tip, black, micron pen. Use pen in a vertical orientation so that metal stencil does not ruin pen tip, but glides along metal area of tip.
3. Use various edges of Picasso Stencil with pen to add tangle patterns to inside of fish stencil.

picasso doodling

4. Fill fish with patterning. Then add bubbles using the small holes in the Picasso.
5. Add sea grass below fish by using edges of Picasso stencil with the pen.

sea grass with Picasso

6. Use edge of Picasso with pen to make waves on top of the water.

waves with Picasso stencil

7. Trim finished image to size and color as desired.

Picasso fish

8. Layer finished image on various colors of cardstock then on folded card.
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Also uses these supplies:

Black, fine-point, Micron Pen
Turquoise, Teal, Gold cardstock
Zip Dry Paper Glue by Beacon Adhesives

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