Vintage Lace by Katy Leitch

  1. Repeatedly stamp the Script Lines stamp over a square of cream card in brown ink. Use the second impression to vary the intensity of the ink. Distress and ink the edges of the card piece.
  2. Using gold Dreamweaver Embossing Paste stencil the Lace Metal Stencil design onto the card panel. While the paste is still wet, sprinkle some Champagne Glass Glitter into it sparingly.
  3. Add a pearl to the centre of a paper flower. Surround the pearl with wet glue and add Champagne glass glitter, pressing it gently into the glue to encourage it to adhere strongly.
  4. Add the flower to the card along with some string and metal leaves. Mat to a cream card blank to finish.
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Also uses these supplies:

  • Brown Inkpad
  • Paper Flower
  • String
  • Metal Leaves
  • Flat-backed Pearl
  • Cream Cardstock

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