Poinsettia Collage Ornaments by Tammie Wilson


Note- for best results please review all product instructions before starting your project.
Tips & Techniques-
  1. Once background is complete apply a coat of Matte Medium to the surface. This will protect the work you have already done plus allow for easy clean-up, if necessary, on the next step.
  2. When using paint on stamps it is important that you do not overload the image. Pour a puddle of paint out on the palette. Using the smallest end of the make-up sponge tap into the paint, pounce the sponge on a clean area of the palette. When you look at the bottom of the sponge it should be covered by paint but you should still be able to see the texture of the sponge. Now quickly pounce the loaded sponge over the entire image and stamp it on the surface. If you don’t like what you have stamped simply wipe it off with a wet wipe! Since you already have a coat of varnish on the surface, it will clean up easily.
  3. If you are working with the larger 6” or 8” square stamps, it is easier to use a brayer to apply the paint rather than a makeup sponge. Pour paint out onto the palette. Roll brayer through paint, then down the palette a few times. You need enough paint to cover the surface of the stamp, but not too much or it will fill in the crevices. If desired practice a few times and stamp on paper before working on your project.
  4. Clean-up is easiest if done immediately after you use the stamps. Simply clean with soap and water and use an old toothbrush to get into the crevices. If you cannot clean the stamp right away wipe it off with a wet wipe, or place in a shallow pan of water. If the acrylic paint dries on the stamp mist it with rubbing alcohol, let sit a few minutes then clean as usual.
Project Instructions
            Prepping the surface-
  1. Using the RG950 1” Mop brush apply two, smooth even coats of Light Buttermilk to the etched side of each ornament. Let dry.
  2. Sand to remove any rough edges or patches.
Stamp the design-
  1. Position stamp on acrylic handle.
  2. Following step 3 in Tips & techniques above, apply Traditional Burnt Umber to the image and stamp onto surface. Reload and repeat until each ornament is stamped.
  3. Clean your stamp.
Coloring the image-
  1. Poinsettia Petals-
    1. Wash the petals with thinned Cadmium Red Hue using the 1/2” angle brush.
    2. Using the 3/8” angle brush, highlight the tips of each petal and the edge of the top petal where they overlap with Cadmium Orange Hue.
    3. Using the 3/8” angle brush, shade the base of each petal and the bottom petal where they overlap with Quinacridone Magenta, with a tiny bit of Raw Umber brush mixed in.
    4. Using the 3/8” angle brush, reinforce with a smaller shade of Quinacridone Magenta + Payne’s Grey (2:1) at the base of the petals that are the furthest back in the design.
    5. Using the 3/8” angle brush, and if desired, brighten up a few highlights with a washy float of Primary Yellow, on the tips of the most forward petals.  
  2. Leaves-
    1. Was the leaves with thinned Green Gold using the 3/8” angle brush.
    2. Using the 3/8” angle brush shade the base of each leaf with Veridian.
    3. Using the 3/8” angle brush, reinforce the shade with a brush mix of Veridian + Raw Umber.
  3. Background-
    1. Using the 1” angle brush, apply a light washy float around the flowers and over the leaves with Traditional Burnt Umber. Mop out edges to soften, and don’t cover the entire background. Let dry.
    2. Using the 1” angle brush, apply a smaller light washy float of Veridian around the flowers and over the leaves. Let dry.
    3. Add smaller floats of either color as desired to darken floats up against the flowers.
  1. Paint the cap and ball on each ornament with two, smooth even coats of Metallic Gold. Let dry.
  2. Shade with Traditional Burnt Umber on each side, and up against the stamped area.
  3. Paint the back of each ornament with two, smooth even coats of Traditional Burnt Umber. Let dry.
  4. Apply two coats of Matte Medium to all sides of the ornaments. Let dry.
  5. Add ribbon hanger and or bows as desired. Enjoy!
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Also uses these supplies:

DecoArt® Americana®
DA164 Light Buttermilk                                    DA221 Traditional Burnt Umber
DecoArt® Media Fluid Acrylics™
DMFA28 Primary Yellow                                   DMFA15 Cadmium Orange Hue
DMFA04 Cadmium Red Hue                              DMFA35 Quinacridone Magenta
DMFA14 Green Gold                                         DMFA44 Veridian
DMFA20 Payne’s Grey                                       DMFA49 Metallic Gold
DMM20 Matte Medium                                    DMFA37 Raw Umber
Royal Langnickel
RG 905 Gold 1” Mop                                         M77MB 1” Moderna Mop
2160 Aqaurelle 1”, 1/2” and 3/8” Angle            2250 Aquarelle #0 Round
Bear with Us
BEV19 Large Round Bulb Ornament                   BEV20 Squatty Pointed Bulb Ornament
BEV21 Large Wide Bulb Ornament
Other Supplies
Palette Paper                                                   Sandpaper- fine grit
Water basin                                                      Paper towels
Wet wipes                                                        Pencil
Brayer                                                              3/8” Gold Organdy ribbon

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