Old Goat WindowRama by Fran Seiford

  1. Cut Windowrama front with rectangular and circle die in center out of green cardstock.
  2. Die Cut back using rectangular WindowRama die out of blue cardstock.
  3. Stamp, color, and die cut goat, clothes on clothesline, and message.
  4. Die cut grass using Meadow Edgers dies out of dark and medium green cardstock.
  5. Fold WindowRama panels along crease closest to center.
  6. Adhere clothes, and message to back, interior panel. 
  7. Cut grass 1/4" wider than folded back panel. Score at 1/8" from each side. Fold and adhere to the back sides at different depths.
  8. Adhere WindowRama front panel to back at the sides, placing front sides on outside of back sides. Bend at folds both ways before glue dries.
  9. Adhere goat to front.
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Also uses these supplies:

Green, blue, and white cardstock
Copic markers
Die cutting machine
ZipDry Adhesive

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