Meadows Edge WindowRama Card by Fran Seiford

  1. Die cut the large WindowRama piece from blue cardstock, patterned paper, and two panels of white mixed media paper. Tape the large cutting circle in place on the patterned panel before cutting to form front window.
  2. ​On the back blue panel, fold the side flaps forward on the innermost score line (4-1/4” ).
  3. On the front patterned panel, fold the side flaps backward on the innermost score line (4-1/4”)
  4. On the two white panels, lightly crease the innermost score line so that you can see it clearly.
  5. Align the bottom edge of one white panel with the bottom of the solid blue panel and stamp the clouds from the Meadows Edge set as desired, keeping in mind the area that will be seen through the window.
  6. Die cut the clouds and color as desired. Stamp greeting on one cloud.
  7. Stamp, color, and diecut the rainbow from the scraps of that white panel, if desired. Glue to cloud panel as shown.
  8. Align the bottom of the other white panel with the bottom of the blue back panel and stamp the treeline stamp, keeping in mind how the image will appear in the window of the front panel. The top of the trees will end up about 3” above the bottom of the panel. Stamp the cottage stamp below the treeline.
  9. Color the panel as desired and diecut along the top using the treeline stamp.
  10. Turn the remainder of the white panel over and align the bottom with the bottom of the other panels. Stamp the grass meadow stamp towards the top of the remaining panel. It will end up at about 1-1/4” from the bottom at its highest point. Color as desired and diecut along the top of the grass with the grass die or the smooth cutting die as desired.
  11. Fold the side tabs of all stamped panels forward at the innermost score line (4-1/4”). Identify the different scorelines on the side tabs as having four separate bars. Trim the cloud panel so that 3 bars are remaining. Trim the tree panel so that 2 bars are remaining. Trim the grass panel so that 1 bar is remaining.
  12. Nest the white panels in the blue back panel, so that all side tabs align at the front and all layers align at the bottom. Glue in place on one side with liquid glue. Fold card flat to the side to glue second half, one panel at a time, being careful to align all panels at the front of the back panel flap and at the bottom.
  13. Glue the front panel on outside of back flaps with liquid glue, folding flat to the side, so card will open and close correctly.
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Also uses these supplies:

Blue and white cardstock and pattern paper
Copic® Markers
Die cutting machine
ZipDry® by Beacon Adhesives

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