Journal Bullets Page by Katy Leitch

1 Use a variety of the Journal Bullet stamps to add information to your page, such as bullet lists and the knife and folk motif for meals. I like to add the practical elements to the page first as my planner has to first and foremost be functional. Add some colour to these elements with pencil.
2 To make the little banners and flags, stamp the images onto various colours of patterned paper and cut out. Add temporary adhesive to one edge and these elements can be used like mini Post-it notes.
3 The butterflies and word 'happy' are stamped onto a sheet of plain white stickers (the kind used for mailing). I stamped the images, coloured them with pencil, cut them out and used them to add decoration to the page. Instant bespoke stickers!
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Also uses these supplies:

Washi tape
Coloured pencils
Permanent black ink
Sheet of mailing stickers
Coloured paper
Temporary adhesive

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