Happy Easter Eggs by Laura Drahozal


Cut the D
Cut the base 8 1/2" by 5 1/2" and fold in half on the side.
Double Sided Mounting Paper to fit the Easter Eggs Stencil.  Leave it in a rectangle shape.
Tape the Small Damask Stencil over white card stock.  
Start by taping one long piece over the top edge of the stencil, which will act as a hinge later, and then tape all the way around.
Use the palette knife to place embossing powder in a strip across the bottom of the paste spreader.  
The strip should be as wide as the damask pattern.
Place the paste spreader on the top of the stencil and pull towards you.  
Keep the spreader on the stencil at all times and fill in all the wells.
Remove the tape from the bottom and sides of the stencil.
Lift the edge of the stencil, using the tape on the top as a hinge until you can carefully remove the stencil from your project.
While the paste is still wet, pour crystal glitter over the top and let it dry.
Repeat steps 3-8 with the Happy Easter Stencil and green card stock.
Rub the bar of soap on the back of the Easter Egg Stencil.  You should have a light film of soap all across the back of the stencil when you are finished.
Use the brush to gently remove the soap "crumbles" off the back of the stencil.
Remove the backing from one side of the mounting paper, revealing the adhesive.
Place the stencil, soap side down, on the adhesive side of the paper.
Use small pinches of embossing powder to place colors into the wells of the stencil.
When all of the stencil wells appear to be covered, rub it in a little with your finger.
Brush off any excess powders.
Place the project upside down on a hard, flat surface.
Peel a little of the mounting paper from the a corner of the stencil.
Using this piece, slowly remove all of the mounting paper from the Easter Egg Stencil, while leaving the stencil flat.
Use the embossing tool to heat emboss the powders.
Pour the White Pearl Glitter over the top of the Easter Eggs, brushing off the excess.
Remove the backing from the project and attach it to white card stock.
Use scissors to trim close to the Easter Eggs image.
Brush any extra glitter off of the pasted projects.
Assemble the card.

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Also uses these supplies:

Stampendous: GX220U Multi Ultra Fine Crystal Glitter
EK20 Spring Sparkle Embossing Powder Kit
Dreamweaver: DWLL465 Easter Eggs Stencil
DWLM234 Happy Easter Stencil
DWLJ907 Small Damask Stencil
DWDGWP Glossy WhiteEmbossing Paste
DWDPK Palette Knife
DWLM2010 Paste Spreader
DWNHB-18 3/4” Brush #18 Natural Handle
Plus: Cardstock by Bazzill Basics Paper®
Double Sided Mounting Paper
Vegetable Based Soap Scotch® 1/2" Adhesive Tape by 3M®
1/2" Removable Tape by 3M®
Embossing Heat Tool
Scissors Paper Trimmer

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