Giraffe, Elephant, Lion, Monkey Unforgettable Birthday by Fran Seiford

With the WindowRama Die Set cut -
From Grasshopper Cardstock
cut three of the large rectangle
cut one rounded square panel
cut one leaf cluster

From Parrot Cardstock:
cut one of the large rectangle
cut one of the rounded square panels with the circle window from the Elephant set in the center.
cut two leaf clusters

From Wasabi Vintage cardstock:
cut one of the large rectangle pieces with the large WindowRama circle in the center.
cut four leaf clusters

From White cardstock cut one large circle and one rounded square.

Stamp in black on white cardstock, color as desired, and die cut -
2 Lions,
1 Lion head,
1 Lion Face only,
2 spring mechanisms from Lion set
1 Elephant
1 Giraffe
1 Monkey
1 Banana
5 Monstera Leaf Clusters from Elephant Set

Stamp one monstera leaf cluster from Elephant Set in green ink on Grasshopper cardstock and die cut.

Basic WindowRama
Color the white rounded square with blue and green copic markers, or ink pads, or chalks to create a rough background of sky and grass.
Adhere Elephant to background, glue one patterned leaf cluster (dot side up) in front of elephant, and glue one lion on the panel to the right.
Attach spring mechanism to center of lion's face and attach whole lion head to spring using 3D mini foam squares.
Attach a second spring to center of that lion face, and attach face only to second spring with 3D mini foam squares.
Glue layered background piece to the center of one of the Grasshopper large rectangle pieces.
Fold the ends of the Grasshopper piece forward.

Inside of Back Panel

On the large Wasabi Vintage rectangle, glue the Parrot rounded square to the dot side (inside) of the rectangle so that the window makes a frame in the circle of the Wasabi piece.
Adhere the Giraffe and one cluster of monstera leaves to the front of the Wasabi Rectangle.
Fold the ends of the Wasabi Rectangle backwards.
Glue the Wasabi rectangle to the Grasshopper rectangle one side at a time with the Wasabi ends on the outside overlapping the Grasshopper ends.
Glue one side then fold flat to glue other side so finished card will lay flat for mailing.

Giraffe front piece

Side Pieces
On one Parrot rectangle and one Grasshopper rectangle create side and bottom panels by die cutting them:
Fold the sides of the panels to find the score line closest to the center.
Place WindowRama and Monkey leaf clusters together to one side of the center on one Grasshopper rectangle panel.
Place top cutting plate so that it only covers 1/2 of the leaf clusters
Cover the 1/2 closest to center of panel, so if you're making the left panel the top plate will cover the right side of it.
This will allow it to cut  near the center and not on the side.
Hold the plate firmly in place while die cutting.
Turn the panel 180 degrees and repeat to cut the other side.
Repeat for one Parrot rectangle panel.
This should give you four panels with a solid, folded side on one end, and a leaf-cut side on the other end.
Glue one Parrot panel to the left side of the card as you are facing it, and one Parrot panel to the right side of the card.
Embellish the Left side with the Monkey, banana, a Vintage Wasabi leaf cluster and a Parrot leaf cluster on the inside, and a Parrot leaf cluster, a colored monstera leaf cluster, and a second monstera leaf cluster stamped in green ink on Grasshopper cardstock on the outside.

Monkey inside side panel  Outside Monkey Panel
Embellish the right side with one Wasabi Vintage leaf cluster, one colored monstera leaf cluster, and a lion on the inside, and one Grasshopper leaf cluster and one Wasabi leaf cluster (dot side out) on the outside.

Lion Side Panel   Lion Outside Panel
These two panels should fold to meet in the center and should not keep the card from folding flat.

Back Pocket and Bottom Panel Pieces
The remaining solid Grasshopper panel will become a pocket for the greeting on the back.
Fold the sides of the panel forward.
Glue the remaining leaf-cut Grasshopper panel to the center bottom of the pocket panel so that it extends beyond the bottom of the pocket at the fold line.
Glue the Parrot leaf-cut panel to the outside of the Grasshopper leaf-cut panel so that the darker green leaves extend below the lighter green leaves.

Leaf Panels Inside  Back side/pocket
Fold the side panels in and glue to the back of the card to create a pocket, extending glue across the bottom of the card.
The two leaf panels should be able to fold forward over the flattened card.

Create the Pull Out Greeting -
Stamp the greeting in green ink on the die cut white circle and glue to the center of the Grasshopper rounded square.
Use two colored monstera leaf clusters (from Elephant set) and glue to greeting panel,
Punch 1/4" hole in top center and thread ribbons through, tie in a knot.
Insert greeting in pocket.

Pull Out Greeting

Print Project

Also uses these supplies:

Parrot and Grasshopper Cardstock from My Colors
Wasabi Vintage Double Dot Patterned Paper by BoBunny
Die Cutting Machine like Sizzix Big Shot
Ribbon by Creative Impressions
1/4" hole punch
Copic Markers
Mini 3D Foam Squares from Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L
ZipDry Paper Glue by Beacon Adhesives


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