DECOR Cling Snowflake - Melt My Heart Grooved Snowman by Laurie Speltz

Painting Instruction
Base the board and snowflake with Snow White.  Shade the edges and section dividers with Turquoise Blue and again with Lavender.  Shade again with Deep Midnight Blue.  Stamp a snowflake image in the middle of the snowflake with Lavender.
Drybrush the cheeks on the snowman with Lavender.  Shade with Deep Midnight Blue and highlight with Snow White.
Add the nose with Canyon Orange and shade with Soft Black.  Outline the nose and add details with diluted Soft Black.  The eyes and mouth are Lamp Black and highlighted with Snow White.  The white dots are Snow White.  The eyebrows are Lamp Black. 
Lettering – Base with Deep Midnight Blue.  Add dots with Snow White. 
Penguins – Base the penguins with Lamp Black and highlight with Snow White.  The bellies are Snow White and shaded with Turquoise Blue.  The beaks are Spicy Mustard and shaded with Canyon Orange.  The eyes are dots of Snow White with a smaller dot of Lamp Black.  Add hair strokes with Lamp Black.  The purple scarves are based with Lavender and shaded with Deep Midnight Blue.  The blue scarf is based with Turquoise Blue and shaded with Deep Midnight Blue.  The white lines are Snow White. 
Float Lavender and Deep Midnight Blue under the penguins.  Float snow with Snow White. 
Dry brush the area where the snowflake cutout will go with Deep Midnight Blue.   Glue the cutout and sticks into place.  Tie ribbons around the neck as desired. 
Finish – Spray with acrylic matte finish.

Pattern for Laurie Speltz Melt My Heart Snowman
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Also uses these supplies:

Snowman Pallet 15” x 9” (Item#20-11583 Available from
Snowflake Ornament 5” diameter (Item#102257 Available from
Stencils are Optional and Available from
Melt My Heart Mix Word Stencil (Item# BCS323)
Quick Grip or other All-Purpose Permanent Adhesive
Ribbon of choice
DecoArt Acrylic Matte Finish

Palette-DecoArt Americana
Snow White, Lamp Black, Turquoise Blue,
Lavender, Canyon Orange, Deep Midnight Blue,
Soft Black, Spicy Mustard

Brushes - Black Gold by Dynasty

Series# 206S Shader: 2,6,10
Series# 206FW Flat Glaze: 3/4"                                            
Series# 206A Angular Shader: 1/2" 
Series#206L Liner: 1, 2                                               
Series#206MSC Mini Script Liner: 20/0                             
Stencil Brush or Dry Brush

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