DECOR Cling Dream Rose Postcard by Deb Antonick

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Outer Frame Background –
  • Load the stamp with the VersaMark Watermark Ink Pad and stamp the frame.
  • Quickly sprinkle with the Opaque White Embossing Powder.
  • Emboss with the heat gun one side at a time.
  • Repeat for each side.
  • Clean stamp with Baby wipes.
  • Basecoat the frame with one coat of DecoArt Extreme Sheen Aquamarine.
  • Gently wipe over the frame with a baby wipe to expose the white from the embossing.
Inner Background –
  • Basecoat the inner panel with Light Buttermilk.
  • Let dry, sand lightly.
  • Basecoat with a thin coat of DecoArt Media Matte Medium. Let dry.
  • Stamp the inner panel background with the Décor Dream stamp as follows:
    Load the stamp using the brayer with Lamp Black and quickly stamp a section of the board. Reload and repeat until the surface is covered. Let dry.
    Tip: Use the plastic sheet from the packaging to mask off the area already stamped.
  • Wipe the stamp with a baby wipe to clean.
  • Apply a thin wash (paint thinned with water) of Titanium White over the background to tone down the black. Let dry.
Frame –
  • Basecoat the frame with Lamp Black.
  • Drybrush with a little Extreme Sheen Aquamarine, Pink Tourmaline and Amethyst.
Dress –
  • Basecoat the corset area with Extreme Sheen Aquamarine.
  • Tear up strips of tissue paper and adhere with DecoArt Matte Medium following the shape of the dress skirt and creating wrinkles. Let dry.
  • Adhere and layer embellishments as desired with Aleene’s Tacky Glue.
  • Add some roses. Let all dry.
  • Basecoat over the entire dress skirt and embellishments with Gesso. Let dry.
  • Brush over the skirt with a thin coat of DecoArt Matte Medium. Let dry.
  • Brush some tints onto the skirt with watered down Aquamarine, Pink Tourmaline and Amethyst. Apply some to the background as well.
Tip: if the tints on the dress are too dark, drybrush with some Titanium White.
  • Paint the roses with thinned down DecoArt Media Primary Magenta.
Corset –
  • Emboss the chipboard corset with Shabby Blue Embossing Powder.
  • Adhere the chipboard corset in place with Aleene’s Tacky Glue.
  • Adhere the Metal Hanger.
  • Use the VersaMarker to draw the connections to the corset. Emboss with the Shabby Blue Embossing Powder.
  • Adhere tinted rose.
Large Rose:
  • Cut the second largest frame from the Die Frame Set A out of Watercolor paper.
  • Stamp the rose onto the cut-out.
  • Base the Rose petals with a wash (paint thinned with water) of Pink Tourmaline.
  • Float/Shade with Media Primary Magenta.
  • Float/Highlight with Titanium White.
  • Deepen the shading with Primary Magenta mixed with a touch of Prussian Blue Hue.
  • Base the Leaves wash of Media Green Gold.
  • Float/Shade with Media Green Gold (full strength).
  • Float/Highlight with Titanium White.
  • Deepen the shading with Green Gold mixed with a touch of Prussian Blue Hue.
  • Tint the background with thinned Prussian Blue Hue.
  • Float/Shade with around the rose with Prussian Blue Hue (full strength).
  • Use the VersaMarker to fill in some of the rose petal tips then emboss with Shabby Blue Embossing Powder.
  • Basecoat the LOVE letters with Lamp Black.
  • Add embossing if possible.
  • Adhere with Aleene’s Tacky Glue.
  • Adhere the Doily in place with DecoArt Matte Medium.
  • Adhere the rose stamped paper with DecoArt Matte Medium.
  • Float/Shade around the dress, stamped paper, doily and the against the Black frame with Aquamarine. Deepen the shading with Prussian Blue Hue.
  • Outline the stamped paper and the dress with the Stabillo Pencil, blend softly with a damp brush.
  • Spray with DecoArt Matte Sealer/Finisher Spray.
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Also uses these supplies:

15” x 15” Square Frame Panel #0815 from
6” x 6” piece of watercolor paper
Chipboard Corset (4 pack from
Stamp – Decor Cling Dream DCR104
Stamp – Rose Postcard Cling Stamp CRW186
Ink – Onyx Black VersaFine Instant Dry Pigment Ink by Tsukineko STF082
Opaque White Embossing Powder EP100
Shabby Blue Embossing Powder FREG029
VersaMark Watermark Ink Pad VM001
VersaMarker Watermark Ink Pen VP001
Dies – Fitted Frames A DCP1005
Stabillo Aquarellable All Pencil 8046
Additional Supplies:
Assorted embellishments (metal, plastic, wood, paper etc.)
Small plastic Roses
2” Metal Hanger
4” paper Doily
Tissue paper
Wood or chipboard LOVE (or similar)
Baby Wipes
Piece of fine sandpaper
Aleene’s Tacky Glue
Heat Gun
Die Cutting Machine
Brushes: FM Dynasty Brush
¾”, ½” Faux Squirrel Flats 1827F
3/8” Angular Shader 1827A
#4 Round 1827R
DecoArt Paints and Mediums:
DecoArt Media Matte Medium DMM20
DecoArt Media Gesso DMM18
DecoArt Matte Sealer/Finisher Spray
DecoArt Extreme Sheens:
Aquamarine DPM16
Amethyst DPM18
Pink Tourmaline DPM15
DecoArt Acrylics:
Lamp Black DA067
Light Buttermilk DA164
DecoArt Fluid Acrylics:
Primary Magenta DMF029
Green Gold DMFA14
Prussian Blue Hue DMFA30
Titanium White DMFA39

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