DECOR Cling Dream - Garden Dream Sign by Laurie Speltz

Base the board with Indian Turquoise. Shade the board with Turquoise Blue.  Shade the board again with Uniform Blue. 
Tape off the area on the board for the word stamp.  Base the area with Snow White.  Let dry.  Base the top area again with Pineapple.  The middle section is based with Sunny Day and blends into Marigold for the bottom section.  Shade with Honey Brown and again Canyon Orange.  Highlight the section with Light Buttermilk.  Apply Soft Black to the Décor Stamp and stamp the words in the yellow section.
Stamp the honeycomb stamp with Snow White. 
Stamp the bees with Lamp Black.  Dilute Marigold and apply color to the body of the bees.  Try not to get color on the stamped line.  Apply Snow White to the wings of the bees. 
Spatter the board with Snow White, then Marigold and again with Avocado.  Apply Soft Black to the Décor Dream stamp and stamp the yellow word area on the board with the words.
Tulips – Base with Santa Red and shade with Antique Maroon.
Petal Flowers – Base the blue flowers with Whispering Turquoise and shade with Turquoise Blue.  Shade again with Canyon Orange.  Base the purple flowers with Lavender and shade with Deep Midnight Blue.  The yellow centers are Marigold and shaded with Honey Brown.
Leaves and Stems – Base the leaves and stems with Foliage Green and shade with Avocado. 
Shade the ground with Avocado. 
Add details with a permanent ink pen.  Add double lines and marks as desired.
Finish – Spray with acrylic matte finish.     

Pattern for Laurie Speltz 
Garden Dream Sign
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Also uses these supplies:

12” x 12” Board (Item#100825 Available from
Stencils are Optional and Available from The Creative Coach 515-253-9881
Tulips and Blooms Stencil (Item# BCS131)
Full Blooms Stencil (Item# BCS190)
Décor Cling Dream Stamp (Item# DCR104 Available from Stampendous, Inc.
Honeycomb Wishes Perfectly Clear Stamp Set (Item# SSC1257 Available from Stampendous, Inc.
Permanent Ink Pen
DecoArt Acrylic Matte Finish
Palette-DecoArt Americana
Marigold, Snow White, Lamp Black, Santa Red, Antique Maroon,
Soft Black, Avocado, Foliage Green, Turquoise Blue, Indian Turquoise,
Whispering Turquoise, Lavender, Canyon Orange, Uniform Blue,
Light Buttermilk, Honey Brown
Brushes - Black Gold by Dynasty
Series# 206S Shader: 2,6,10
Series# 206FW Flat Glaze: 3/4"                                            
Series# 206A Angular Shader: 1/2"
Series#206L Liner: 1, 2                                                   
Series#206MSC Mini Script Liner: 20/0
Stencil Brush or Dry Brush                           

Pattern for Laurie Speltz 
Garden Dream Sign
Download the Pattern for this Project

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