Bride and Groom Cupcake Toppers by Laura Weed

1. Bake and Frost cupcakes in wedding colors with one white one for the bride.
2. Roll white fondant out to 1/8" thick using measuring rings on a roller.
3. Prepare a "stamp pad" by placing black food coloring paste thinned with a tiny bit of vodka on a clean dry piece of felt.
4. Ink stamp on stamp pad and stamp couples on fondant, allow to dry.
5. With a new, clean, dry watercolor brush, use vodka instead of water and paste food color instead of paint to color in the dresses of the bridesmaids, leaving one white for the bride.
6. Cut fondant with round or oval cookie cutter.
7. Return unused fondant to airtight container. Discard "stamp pad". Clean brushes.
8. Allow medallions to dry then place in top of cupcake frosting.
9. These are edible, but the black food color will come off on your tongue and mouth, so probably don't eat them. :)
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Also uses these supplies:

Wilton Rolled Fondant - White
Fondant Roller with 1/8" rings
Oval Cookie Cutter
Black and Pink Paste Food Coloring
Airplane sized bottle of Vodka
New, Clean, Dry Watercolor Brush
New, Clean, Dry piece of white felt, approx. 3" X 3"
Container for felt stamp pad like a small plastic dish


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