Rejoice Swirly Christmas Tree Card by Joyce Kurtz

  1. With removable tape, attach the Swirly Christmas tree stencil to a piece of blue card stock.
  2. With an offset pallette knife, emboss with Dreamweaver Silver embossing paste.
  3. Remove stencil and set art aside to dry.
  4. With same paste and pallette kinife, paste emboss "Rejoice" onto the right side of an A7 blue card. (or use a different word, since this one is no longer available)
  5. Remove stencil and set the card aside to dry.
  6. Attach silver metallic, blue glitter and white card stock panels to the tree panel as shown.
  7. Wrap a sheer blue ribbon around the tree panel and tie a knot.
  8. Glue panel to the card.
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Also uses these supplies:

Dreamweaver "Rejoice" Stencil LM243  (retired)
Removable tape
Offset pallette knife
Blue sheer ribbon
Blue, silver metallic, white and Blue glitter card stock

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