Reindeer and Sleigh Stenciled Card by Joyce Kurtz

  1. Adhere a double sided adhesive sheet to a white card stock panel sized to fit the Reindeer Stencil.
  2. Apply Versamark ink to the back of the stencil.
  3. Remove the liner sheet from the sticky panel.
  4. Place stencil on top of the sticky panel and with a liner sheet from the adhesive, press the stencil onto the adhesive to make sure it is secure.
  5. Apply red fine glitter to the open area and "finger paint" the glitter into the design.
  6. Remove excess glitter and with a swiffer sheet, clean stencil to remove any excess glitter.
  7. Remove stencil and apply Crystal Snow white fine glitter to the exposed sticky surface.
  8. Mat to a red card stock panel.
  9. Place "Season's Greetings" stencil onto a green card stock panel and tape all sides with removable tape.
  10. With an offset palette knife, apply Metallic Gold embossig paste.
  11. Scrape excess paste off with the paste spreader.
  12. Remove stencil and allow to dry.
  13. Apply gold border stickers to the sides of the green panel.
  14. Using a 5 1/2" square red top folding card, assemble as shown.
  15. The Reindeer design is foam mounted.
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Also uses these supplies:

Removable Tape
Starform Gold Border Stickers
Beacon's 3 in 1 Craft Glue
White Foam Tape 
Red, Green and White Card Stock


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