Micro Glitter Votive Holder by Debi Hammons


  1. Clean votive holders and dry thoroughly.
  2. Pour glitter into a plastic container for easy use.
  3. Tape off top of votive holder to create straight line. Use painters tape or masking tape and press firmly along the edge to seal.
  4. Apply Fast Finish with damp sponge brush to bottom half of votive holder. Apply a thin, even coat.
  5. Dip votive holder in glitter and roll gently to completely coat adhesive with micro glitter.
  6. Remove tape carefully while holder is wet.
  7. Position holder upside down to dry.
  8. Adhere ribbon around glitter line with glue dots and add embellishment with glue dots as desired.
*Use Votives with electric tea lights to avoid fire danger at large events*

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Also uses these supplies:

Glass votive holders
Fast Finish™ by Beacon Adhesives®
Foam Brushes
Ribbon and rhinestone embellishment
Glue Dots

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