Silver Halo Glitter Boots by Laura Weed


  1. Cover work surface with newspaper or newsprint
  2. Clean surface to be glittered if necessary.
  3. Mask off areas not to be glittered with masking tape or painter's tape.
  4. Apply a coat of Fast Finish with foam brush to area to be glittered, allow to dry. This base coat will keep glitter from flaking off.
  5. Apply a second coat of Fast Finish with foam brush then apply Silver Halo Glitter Mix liberally to wet glue. Allow to dry completely before shaking off glitter.
  6. Touch up any areas that may have been missed.
  7. Coat dry glitter with an additional layer of Fast Finish to seal and protect glitter surface.
  8. Return any unused glitter to jar.
  9. Dispose of brush or clean with soap and warm water.
TIP: Fast Finish is very thin and dries very quickly. Keep it tightly covered between applications and clean brush after each use.
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Also uses these supplies:

Fast Finish Decoupage Medium by Beacon Adhesives
Foam Brush
Masking tape

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