Mittens Merry Winter by Dreamweaver

  1. Use removable tape to attach mittens stencil to a panel of white cardstock.
  2. Use removable tape to attach border stencil on top of mittens.
  3. Paste borders stencil with regular paste.
  4. Remove both stencils and clean them, allow them to dry.
  5. Use stencil brushes and ink pad to stencil through border stencil on to the designs.
  6. Use stencil brushes through mittens only to stencil in the background.
  7. Use palette glue pad to pat a sponge dauber with glue through the border stencil.
  8. Sprinkle with glitter.
  9. Clean all stencils

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Also uses these supplies:

Merry Winter Stencil (retired)
Splendor Ink Pad
Cardstock - Teal and Red
Removable Tape
Paper Glue
Glue Pad and sponge dauber

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