Mittens Forever Friends by Wayne Harlow

  1. Fold an 8.5" X 5.5" panel of black cardstock in half to form card base.
  2. On a 4" X 5.25" panel of red cardstock, use white glossy paste to paste mittens image by securing mittens stencil to card with a frame of removable tape. Apply paste to paste spreader with palette knife and paste at a 45 degree angle.
  3. Place stencil immediately into water to soak.
  4. Gently shield mittens area and tap gold micro glitter on to ribbon area of wet paste.
  5. Gently press glitter into the paste and allow to dry thoroughly.
  6. Clean the stencil while paste is drying.
  7. On completely dry mittens, use a permanent, fine-point black marker to zentangle patterns on to the white paste.
  8. Replace stencil over mittens and use palette knife with additional paste to create texture on mitten tops. Allow to dry.
  9. Clean stencil, palette knife and paste spreader thoroughly, not permitting paste to dry on tools.
  10. Adhere red panel to black card front.
  11. Prepare greeting panel as desired and adhere to card near the top.

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Also uses these supplies:

DWLM2013 Forever Friends Stencil (retired)
Red and Black Cardstock
Micron Permanent Black Marker
Paper glue and 3-D Foam Adhesive
Removable Tape

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