Santa Kitten Meowy Christmas Ornament by Deb Antonick

Surface Preparation:
  • Seal the surface with a coat of Gesso. Sand lightly.
  • Basecoat the center, top of ornament and tag with Snow “Titanium White. Let dry.
  • Basecoat the frame with Sour Apple. Shade with Festive Green.
Stamp Images:
  • Stamp the Santa image and the tag with either the StazOn or Ranger Archival black ink pad. (Other inkpad brands may smudge with the painting mediums, especially the Matte Medium. Test other brands first.)
*Be sure to line up the center piece with the frame before stamping.
  • Use the identi-pen to fix any imperfect stamped areas and to line a box around the words.
  • Seal the surface with DecoArt Matte Medium to prepare for painting.
  • Stamp the frame with Snow “Titanium” White by loading the stamp with a makeup sponge.
Painting Instructions:
Note: All painting is done in light washes of paints, then shaded with paint full strength. Tints are soft floats of watery paints for just a hint of color.
Background –
  • Paint the background around all the images with a wash of Tropical Blue using the IPC Small Point Blender. Mop to soften and remove excess moisture. Let dry.
  • Shade around the design and outer edges of the surface with more Tropical Blue.
Beard and eyebrows –
  • Shade with Paynes Grey.
Face –
  • Paint with a wash of Raw Sienna.
  • Shade with Burnt Sienna.
  • Float the cheeks and paint the mouth with Cinnamon Drop.
Mittens and Holly Leaves –
  • Paint with a wash of Sour Apple.
  • Shade with Festive Green.
  • Highlight with Bright Yellow.
  • Deepen shading with Holly Green
Santa Jacket and Hat –
  • Paint with a wash of Watermelon Slice
  • Shade with Cinnamon Drop
  • Highlight with Electric Pink.
  • Deepen shading with Napa Red.
Fur on Hat and jacket –
  • Shade with Raw Sienna.
Kitten –
  • Paint with a wash of Raw Sienna.
  • Shade with Paynes Grey.
  • Highlight with Tints of Tropical Blue.
  • Paint the nose with Cinnamon Drop.
  • Shade top of the ornament and the tag with Tropical Blue.
  • Paint over the fur with Matte Medium then sprinkle with glitter. Tap off excess.
  • Dot the berries with Cinnamon Drop, then with Electric Pink.
  • Spatter with Snow “Titanium” White.
  • Paint checks around the outer sides of the ornament with Snow “Titanium” White.
  • Varnish.
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Also uses these supplies:

# SLDPK190 Oversized Ball Ornament Available from
1 ½” x 2 ½” tag available at craft stores.
Identi-pen, Baby wipes, makeup sponges
StazOn or Ranger Archival Jet-Black Ink Pad
Paints and Mediums:
DecoArt Media: Matte Medium, Gesso, Ultra Matte Varnish,
DecoArt Acrylics: Snow “Titanium” White, Tropical Blue, Sour Apple, Festive Green, Holly Green, Bright Yellow, Watermelon Slice, Cinnamon Drop, Napa Red, Electric Pink.
Glitter  - White Ultra Fine Crystal Snow #GX900U
Brushes: set available from use coupon code DEBA
Dynasty Black Gold (206 Series) ¼” and ½” Angle Shaders
Dynasty IPC Small Point Blender,
3/8” Mop Brush (Decorator Series 400)

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