Sandcastle by Laura Drahozal

  1. Fold a piece of 6 3/16” by 9” card stock so that the fold is on the top.
  2.  Tape the Sandcastle stencil face up on the tropical splash card stock. Use one large piece across the top of the stencil initially.  It will be a hinge later.  Tape all the way around.
  3. Remove the embossing paste from the container with the palette knife and place on the paste spreader.
  4. Place the paste spreader on the top of the stencil and pull down towards you, filling the holes and keeping contact with the stencil at all times.
  5. Replace any extra paste into the container.
  6. Remove the tape from the bottom and sides of the stencil.
  7. Using the taped top as a hinge, carefully remove the stencil.  Let the paste dry.
  8. While the paste dries, tap the entire back of the Pinwheel Checkerboard stencil with the Versamark Ink Pad.  Then put the stencil, inked side up, on the bottom plate of your manual die cut machine.  Place the Tropical Splash card stock, face up (for this detailed stencil, we are embossing on the smooth back side), over the top of the stencil.
  9. Cover the card stock with the Stamping Details mat and then the upper cutting mat on top.
  10.  Run the project through the die cut machine.
  11. Pour clear embossing powder over the top of the embossed card stock and shake off the excess.
  12. Heat set the embossing powder.
  13. Ink the back of the scallop stencil with the Versamark Ink Pad.
  14. Cut the double sided mounting paper to fit the stencil.
  15. Remove one side of the mounting paper, and place the scallop stencil, inked side down, on top of the exposed paper.
  16. Pour carnelian embossing powder over the top and shake off excess.
  17. Place the project face down on a flat surface and carefully remove the paper from the stencil
  18. Heat set the image.
  19. Cover with the white pearl glitter
  20. Remove backing and place on white card stock.
  21. Trim around the image.
  22. Place the Picasso stencil over areas that you want to add clouds. 
  23. Trace the edge of the stencil with white colored pencil and color in.  Start with white on the top and then light aqua and aquamarine.
  24. Color the sand castle using the following procedure:  Color a small section on top of the dried paste with the Versamark Pen and cover with the color of embossing paste that you want to use.  Then heat set and repeat until the entire image is colored.
  25. Trim the embossed card stock and adhere to a 6” by 4 ¼” piece of white card stock.
  26. Tie a ribbon around the embossed card stock.
  27.  Adhere the ribboned piece to a 6 3/16” by 4 ½” piece of sweet potato card stock.
  28. Adhere the background to the folded card.
  29. Stack and adhere the sandcastle to a white and a sweet potato mat.
  30. Use the foam squares to raise the sandcastle and the shell above the rest of the project.
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Also uses these supplies:

  • EP222 Carnelian PEARLustre™ Embossing Powder
  • EP223 Moonstone PEARLustre™ Embossing Powder
  • FREG027 Shabby White Embossing Enamel
  • FREG028 Shabby Pink Embossing Enamel
  • FREG034 Aged Ochre Embossing Enamel
  • EP508 Mushroom Embossing Powder
  • EP186 Caramel Embossing Powder
  • EP211 Golden Sand Embossing Powder
  • EP020 Clear Embossing Powder
  • EP505 Clear Bark Embossing Powder
  • GM351 White Pearl Ultra Fine Glitter
  • DWMPDS Double Sided Mounting Paper
  • My Colors Cardstock by My Mind's Eye (White Suede, Tropical Splash, Sweet Potato)
  • Prismacolor® Colored Pencils (White, Light Aqua, Aquamarine)
  • Ribbon by May Arts
  • Big Shot™ by Sizzix®
  • Rubber Mat
  • 1/2" Removable Tape by 3M®
  • ZipDry™ Paper Glue by Beacon Adhesives
  • Scrapbook Adhesives® 3D Foam Mounting Squares by 3L®

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