Pumpkin Night/Frankencat Witch by Deb Antonick

Surface Preparation:
Journal Page – Seal the Mixed Media paper with a coat of Gesso. Then paint with Lamp Black.
Wood – Basecoat with Lamp Black. Let dry. Sand lightly.

Background –
  • Basecoat the background with the brush loaded with Paynes Grey and corner loaded with Tropical Blue. Add a touch of White if too dark. Drybrush with a little Lavender. Let dry.
  • Spatter with watery Snow “Titanium” White. Let dry.
  • Trace on Pattern or sketch the witch with a white chalk pencil.
  • Shade around the design and outer edges of the surface with Paynes Grey.
  • Basecoat the witch’s head, hair, hatband, and body with Gesso. Let dry. Basecoat with a finish coat of Snow “Titanium” White.
  • Paint the bat wings and the hat with Lamp Black.

Stamp the images –
  • Use the photo as a guide to stamp the pumpkins, frankencat and mask phrase using the StazOn or Ranger Archival Ink pads.
  • Seal the surface with DecoArt Matte Medium. Let dry.
Witch –
  • Basecoat the face and neck with White Peach. Shade with Dried Clay. Highlight the neck with Snow “Titanium” White.
  • Basecoat the body (around the stamps) and the mask with Lavender. (The Matte Medium will allow you to clean the stamped images quickly with a baby wipe).
  • Shade with Dioxazine Purple. Deepen shading with Prussian Blue. Drybrush with a little Bahama Blue.
  • Paint the mouth with Snow “Titanium” White. Shade with Tropical Blue. Paint the stripes with Lamp Black.
  • Float highlights on the hat and bat wings with Tropical Blue.
Eyes –
  • Paint the eyes with Snow “Titanium” White. Paint the eyeballs with Tropical Blue. Dot the pupils with Lamp Black. Dot a highlight Snow “Titanium” White.
Hair –
  • Use the round brush to paint the hair in layers starting with Scarlet.
  • Repeal with Orange Flame then Saffron Yellow.
  • Finish with Bright Yellow.
  • Shade under the hat with Scarlet.

Painting Stamps –
  • Shade the mask phrase stamp area with Tropical Blue.
Pumpkins –
  • Paint all but the eyes and teeth with a thin wash of Bright Yellow.
  • Shade with Saffron Yellow.
  • Deepen shading on the pumpkins only with Orange Flame. Deepen some more with Scarlet in the deepest corners.
  • Shade the eyes with Tropical Blue.
  • Paint the nose with Scarlet.
Bat –
  • Paint with Lamp Black, highlight with Tropical Blue. 
  • Add back the eyes with Snow “Titanium” White and dot with Lamp Black.
Owl –
  • Paint with a thin wash of Sour Apple. Shade with Tropical Blue.
  • Shade the eyes with Tropical Blue. Paint the beak with Saffron Yellow.
Moon and Stars –
  • Paint with a wash of Bright Yellow.
  • Shade with Saffron Yellow.
Frankencat –
  • Paint with a thin wash of Tropical Blue.
  • Shade with Tropical Blue.
  • Deepen shading with Prussian Blue.
  • Paint the hat with Lamp Black and highlight with Tropical Blue.
  • Paint the hat band and collar same as pumpkins without the added Scarlet shading.
  • Paint the mask with a thin wash of Sour Apple. Shade with Festive Green.
  • Shade the eyes with Tropical Blue. Paint the hair solid with Lamp Black.

Add Doodles:
All the liner work is done with the Identi-Pen.
Checks on the bottom are then painted in with Lamp Black.
Varnish is desired.
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Also uses these supplies:

7” x 11” Wooden Tag or Mixed Media Journal page
Available from your local Craft Store.
*Witch Line drawing will be available on www.paintingwithdeb.com

Identi-pen, Baby wipes, White graphite paper (if using pattern), White chalk Pencil for sketching, eraser
StazOn or Ranger Archival Jet Black Ink Pad

Paints and Mediums:
DecoArt Media: Matte Medium, Gesso, Ultra Matte Varnish

DecoArt Acrylics: Lamp Black, Snow “Titanium” White, Lavender, Dioxazine Purple, Paynes Grey, White Peach, Dried Clay, Tropical Blue, Prussian Blue, Sour Apple, Festive Green, Bright Yellow, Saffron Yellow, Orange Flame, Scarlet

Brushes: set available from www.thebrushguys.com use coupon code DEBA
Dynasty Black Gold (206 Series)
#4, #6, #8, ¾” Flat shaders   3/8” or ½” Angle Shaders    #2 Round 206R
5/8” Mop Brush (Decorator Series 400)

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