Polar Play Candle Tray by Deb Antonick

Surface Preparation:
  • Seal the surface with a coat of Gesso. Sand lightly.
  • Basecoat with Snow “Titanium White. Let dry.
Stamp Images:
  • Stamp the images with either the StazOn or Ranger Archival black ink pad.
    (Other inkpad brands may smudge with the painting mediums, especially the Matte Medium. Test other brands first.)
  • Use the identi-pen to fix any imperfect stamped areas and to line a box around the words.
  • Seal the surface with DecoArt Matte Medium to prepare for painting.
Painting Instructions:
Note: All painting is done in light washes of paints, then shaded with paint full strength. Tints are soft floats of watery paints for just a hint of color.
Background –
  • Paint the background around all the images with a wash of Tropical Blue using the IPC Small Point Blender. Mop to soften and remove excess moisture. Let dry.
  • Shade around the design and outer edges of the surface with more Tropical Blue.
Polar Bears –
  • Shade with Paynes Grey.
  • Tint cheeks and ears with Cinnamon Drop.
Green Wreath and Bows –
  • Paint with a wash of Sour Apple.
  • Shade with Festive Green.
  • Highlight with Bright Yellow.
  • Deepen shading with Holly Green
Red Scarves, Bow, Ball and Gifts –
  • Paint with a wash of Cinnamon Drop.
  • Shade with Napa Red.
  • Highlight with Saffron Yellow.
  • Deepen shading with Napa Red.
Purple Scarves and Balls –
  • Paint with a wash of Lavender.
  • Shade with Dioxazine Purple.
  • Highlight with Tropical Blue.
Penguins, Yellow Feet and Wreath Balls –
  • Shade the face with Paynes Grey.
  • Tint the cheeks with Cinnamon Drop.
  • Paint the feet and beaks with Bright Yellow.
  • Shade with Saffron Yellow, highlight with Snow “Titanium” White.
  • Deepen shading with Orange Flame.
Fish –
Paint with soft Tints as follows:
  • Shade with Dioxazine Purple, highlight with Orange Flame
  • Shade with Cinnamon Drop, Highlight with Festive Green.
  • Add other tints as desired.
  • Shade the phrases with tints of Festive Green, Cinnamon Drop, and Bright Yellow.
  • Shade the larger snowballs and dot some of the snowflakes and eyes with Snow “Titanium” White.
  • Varnish.
  • Spatter with Snow “Titanium” White.
  • Add glitter to the snowballs and the Christmas balls on the wreath.
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Also uses these supplies:

# SLDPK109 8-Sided Scalloped Candle Tray Wood Kit Available from www.tolepaintingdesigns.com
Identi-pen, Baby wipes
StazOn or Ranger Archival Jet-Black Ink Pad
Paints and Mediums:
DecoArt Media: Matte Medium, Gesso, Ultra Matte Varnish,
DecoArt Acrylics: Lamp Black, Snow “Titanium” White, Lavender, Dioxazine Purple, Paynes Grey, Tropical Blue, Sour Apple, Festive Green, Holly Green, Bright Yellow, Saffron Yellow, Orange Flame, Cinnamon Drop, Napa Red
Glitter Paint - Holographic Illusions Crystal Ball
Brushes: set available from www.thebrushguys.com use coupon code DEBA
Dynasty Black Gold (206 Series) ¼” and ½” Angle Shaders
Dynasty IPC Small Point Blender,
3/8” Mop Brush (Decorator Series 400)

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