Candy Cane by Laura Drahozal


  1. Cut card base to 8-3/4" by 6" and fold at the side.
  2. Cut red cardstock to 4-3/8" by 6" and adhere to the front of the card.
  3. Cut green card stock to match the I Beam Stencil.
  4. Place I Beam Stencil on card stock.  Tape edges with removable tape.
  5. Load the stencil brush with green from the ink pad.
  6. Tap off the excess ink on paper towel.
  7. Use the loaded stencil brush in gentle circles over the top of the stencil to create a subtly stenciled background.
  8. Cut Sticky Panels and a panel of white cardstock to the size of the Candy Cane Stencil.
  9. Peel one side off Sticky Panels and adhere to white cardstock.
  10. Apply VersaMark ink to the back of the  Candy Cane Stencil to make it easier to release later.  When you are done, there should be a shiny layer over the entire back of the stencil.
  11. Peel the other side of the Sticky Panel and lay the Candy Cane stencil on top of it, VersaMark side on the sticky paper. Keep the release panel for masking off areas and for touching the project.
  12. Carefully push the red embossing powder into the wells of the candy cane.
  13. Lay small piles of the Lime and Green Micro Glitter next to and in the ribbon area
  14. Gently push the green glitters into the wells.  Remember that only the first color on any sticky section will color that area, however glitter in the candy cane area can taint the red. You can use some of the sticky panel release paper to cover those areas. Push the glitter down slightly.
  15. Use your stencil brush to brush off any excess glitter and embossing powder.
  16. Place the project face down on a flat surface.
  17. Carefully peel a corner up from the edge of the stencil and use it to gently remove the mounting paper from the stencil.
  18. Use your heat tool only over the embossing powder areas.  Avoid heating the bow area, as you could burn the glitter.  Let cool a moment.
  19. Pour the Crystal Micro Glitter over the newly exposed sticky paper.
  20. Brush off any excess glitter.
  21. Adhere the Candy Cane to red card stock.
  22. Trim the red card stock close to the glitter, creating a thin mat.
  23. Adhere the mat to the green stenciled card stock.
  24. Wrap the May Arts Ribbon around the end of the green card stock and tie in a bow.
  25. Attach the card to the card base.
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Also uses these supplies:

Cardstock by Bazzill Basics Paper®
Splendor Circus Ink Pad
Ribbon by May Arts
Scotch 1/2" Adhesive Tape
Scotch Removable Tape
Heat Embossing Tool Paper Towel

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