Backyard Bunnies Tin by Debbie Cole


  1. Coat the metal basket with Paint adhesion medium. Allow to dry. Mix Snow White plus equal amounts of paint adhesion medium and coat the entire basket. Allow to dry. Repeat until an even coverage has been achieved. Basecoat the front and back of the basket with Blue Chiffon.
  2. Stamp the bunnies with Lamp Black referring t the photo for placement. Pull lines of Slate Grey all over the bunnies. Highlight with lines of Grey Sky then Grey Sky + Snow White (1:1). Shade with lines of Neutral Grey and Zinc. Add lines of Grey Sky + Snow White (1:1) around the bunnies' eyes and tail, wash in ears with Wild Orchid and nose with Baby Pink.
  3. Wash the green areas with a wash of thinned Arbor Green. Add highlights with Mint Julep Green. Stamp the grass blades with arbor Green.
  4. Stamp the flowers twice onto mixed media paper. Cut out with matching die cut. Wash the underneath area with Arbor Green. Wash the leaves and centers of flowers with Moon Yellow. Wash the petals with Wild Orchid. Float to shade the leaves with Mint Julep Green and the petals with Wild Orchid. Apply to the surface with matte medium.
  5. Print out the words "Easter Blessings" using a font of your choice. Print onto card stock using a laser printer. Wash the letters with Wild Orchid. Center the framelet die cut around the letters and cut out. Float Baby Pink, then Wild Orchid around the perimeter. Apply with matte medium.
  6. Add Snow White dots to background using the stylus tool.
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Also uses these supplies:

DecoArt® Americana® Acrylic Paint -
Arbor Green, Baby Pink, Blue Chiffon, Grey Sky, Lamp Black, Mint Julep Green, Moon Yellow, Neutral Grey, Slate Grey, Snow White, Wild Orchid, and Zinc
Decoart® Decou-Page Medium
Decoart® Paint Adhesion Medium
Brushes- Flats, #3 Round, and Liner
Surface- Cupboard Distributing Metal Basket
Cosmetic Sponge Wedges (without oils or lotions)
Paper Palette
Paper Towel

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